Still maintaining data in diary or excel?

50% Loss of business from the 2nd year of operations.

No Way to Keep track of employee's working.

Business loss due to data theft and misplacing data.

  I know everything about this place and all data is on my fingertips. What would i do with a software?

Agreed. You are a Superman. But employees in your office are not. A business grows with team effort. A business grows when teams are managed properly.

  I have just 2 employees in my office and software are too expensive

Not quite right. In just Rs. 500- per month, we help you with:

Keep your data secure in your office or on your hosting. Our software does not require internet.

Manage sellers/buyers effectively. Track each employee working: New Calls, Confirmations and Followups

Communicate realtime: Send SMS and HTML emails directly to your clients from the software.

Never loose a document: Manage all our important documents digital copy in the software.

Introducing Realty360: The Smart Solution for the Smart Realtor.

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Realty360: The Right DEAL for Realtors.

Realty360 is a complete Property Management Solution for Real Estate Consultants/Dealers/Agents. The Multi-user off-line solution allows Realtors to keep track of their Inventory (Secure data from theft), check Sales Team Performance, Keep track of Followups, Schedule Alerts and Reminders and much more.

How Realty360 Empowers your Business.

 Advance Property Management

Keep track of your Properties for Sale/Rent. Mark Properties as Future Available, Confirmed, Not Confirmed.

 Buyers/Lesse Management

Keep track of your buyers/Lessers requirement in one place. Auto match properties with requirements. Communicate realtime.

 User and Access Control

Realty360 is multiuser: completely customizable and user friendly tool for property consultants. Now manage your property, buyers, projects, bookings, leads in a single place.

 Followups and Alerts

Keep followups of Sellers,Buyers and Leads. View and Manage followup history. Next calling dates and reminders makes your client management so easy.

 Advance Data Search

Search your property, buyers and contacts with the most advanced search tools. Search records in every possible combination you can ever think off.

 Resource Manager

Now keep your common resources in one place. Property Images, Maps, formats of deeds and agreements , project layouts and brochures, sitemap and etc

 One click Email/SMS/Print

Print,Export (Excel, PDF), Email & SMS in realtime: Interact and Respond to your customers in a more professional and timely way.

 Security and Access Permissions

Keep your data secured in your server. Assign permission to users like View, Edit, Delete or Print. Share data among users or even isolate a user to his data.